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Thanks for taking the time to visit Aqua Junkies and we can't wait to share more about our story with you.

Imagine basking under the warm sun's rays with you cruising along the river, or perhaps you prefer a little adventure of your own down the Missol's Boo Rocks meeting new colorful "friends" along the way. Whatever your objectives are, Aqua Junkies was created as a community for water recreation lovers, water sports enthusiasts and extreme water activities addicts.

Aqua Junkies is your one stop guide to water activities that you can dream, discover and be delight in a safe manner.

Tell Your Story On The Water

Having an awesome enjoyable time on the water and can't wait to share your joy with the world?

You can share it here..

Want to create new story to share? Just take a look through Aqua Junkies. There is definitely more than one water sports or recreation activities that you can enjoy. The joy of been on water is never about reading it. It is all about experiencing it yourself and Aqua Junkies share with you how to do that in a safe and enjoyable way before you even realize that you be going for your next story.

Remember to look out for the useful tips peppered around the site, even if you have been on the water for years.

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