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Thanks again for taking the time to visit Aqua Junkies!

We believe in been transparent on the web and we are disclosing that we are Amazon affiliates and have included certain products' links on this site that will allows Aqua Junkies to earn an affiliate commission for any qualifying purchases you make.

The goal of Aqua Junkies was to educate and nurture a community for water recreation lovers, water sports enthusiasts and extreme water activities addicts. Please understand that to keep Aqua Junkies going, we have to adopt a for-profit business.

It will be alright to assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that Aqua Junkies will receives compensation.

There are millions of water activities products and services on the web such as equipments to dive tours online. We only promote those products or services that we have investigated and truly feel deliver value to you.

Please note that we have not been given any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on the site. If such an opportunity does knock on our door, Aqua Junkies will still investigate case by case basis and ensure that value are deliver to you. We value quality and we value our community, thus such sponsorship will be mentioned at least twice as sponsored content.

Nevertheless, our main source of sustaining Aqua Junkies is through affiliate commissions.

We welcome any questions regard above, please do not hesitate to drop us an "anchor" by using our contact page.


Aqua Junkies Team

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